Friday, February 11, 2011


Welcome to "Reining Training Tips", a blog devoted to training reining horses. Some of you know me well,  others not at all,  but if you are reining or interested in the reining industry in any way, I think you will want to read on.

I have been training, and showing reining horses since 1980. I'm still learning and that will never end, but I have developed a program that I believe in. That is what I want to share.

 My business is Wildwood Reining Horses, a one-woman operation that began in Saskatchewan and is now located in Hanceville in the Chilcotin area of British Columbia, Canada. I stand two stallions and raise quality Quarter Horses bred to rein. Although I am cutting back on training outside horses, I still train and show my own horses and coach riders.

Training a reining horse to competition level takes time - 18 months to two years, in fact. Even then, without competition experience, the horse is not finished. Although some horses will come along faster than others, all will benefit from a step-by-step program over several months, even years. 

Many years ago, when I started reining, I didn't want to show 3 year olds because of the strain it would put on their young bodies but I soon found out that I must if I was to stay in the game. To reconcile my doubts with my common sense, I decided then to adhere to two rules:
  1. I would condition my horse gradually for several months before the intense training began and
  2. I would not try to make a reining horse out of a horse who was not capable, either mentally or physically.
These two rules, I believe, have spared my reining prospects injury.

In subsequent posts, I will talk about choosing and training a reining prospect as well as "fixing" problems on older horses. I will keep posts short and on topic. Please comment, request clarification, suggest topics or even challenge me! 


  1. Great first post! Look forward to getting some 'tips' every week.

  2. You found the new blog, Crystal. Thanks for posting. Always helps if I know someone is reading it.

  3. Hi Sharon - what a treat to get a link to your blog. It's in my favorites cause I know it will always be good reading. Diane

  4. Thanks, Diane! I'll try not to disapppoint you!