Friday, September 13, 2013

Stop Fix #15: Longer Sliding Stops

The problem: The horse stops correctly but does not slide far.

Why does this problem happen?
1. The horse does not possess the conformation to hold a slide for a distance.
2. The horse "vees" and therefore has to pick up his feet. (See Stop Fix #10: Correct a "Vee" Slide)
3. The horse slides crooked (to the side) and therefore has to pick up is feet. (See Stop fix #9: Correct a Crooked Stop)
4. The horse is not confident enough to stay in the slide for a distance.
5. The ground is not conducive to long slides.
6. The horse is not shod correctly.
7. The rider is not assisting the horse to slide a distance.
8. The horse is not running fast enough to the stop to slide a distance.

 How to correct this problem:
1. If my horse is not built to stop long distances, I cannot expect him to.
2. If my horse "vees" when he stops, I correct that problem before I ask him to slide any great distance.
3. If my horse slides crooked, I correct the crookedness before I ask for long slides.
4. If my horse is frightened about stopping, I know I must re-establish trust before I ask for long slides.
5. I do not ask my horse to stop on poor ground. I go to good ground or correct the ground in my arena.
6. If there is a problem with my horse's sliders, I call my farrier.
7. I check myself (body posture, hands, etc) to make sure I am helping, not hindering my horse's stop.
8. If all of the above are correct, I will ask for more accelerated speed in the rundown to the stop. If my horse is not accustomed to stopping from a faster rundown, he may need time to adapt.

 Note: It is important to understand that the horse must learn to stop correctly and at slow speeds before he is asked to stop with the speed required to slide 30 feet or more!

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